Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I've been away a looooong time!!

Yes I have!  Where have I been?  I'm sorry to say I've been ill.

I am getting better all the time but still not quite right.

My unusual condition is called Erythema Nodosum which has painful lumps over my legs, hands and a few up my arms. Swelling of my legs/ankles and wrists includings my knees recently. It also came with a fever which has gone now but my lumps keep coming up and going away but still it lingers on. Doc is now sending me for blood tests and I've just had a Chest X-Ray so maybe we can get to the bottom of why it isnt going. I do have an idea that maybe I've had something else with it that hasnt come to light but.....  who knows!!!!!!!

Right thats enough of the boring, self pity!!!! 

Down to business, well actually there hasnt been any!!  I have done a little bit recently as I have just completed a project for Bead Magazine for one of my wire rings but that wont be out until September, so cant show you anything of that yet.

I am working on the next project for Bead Magazine which is for there special winter issue, I am not going to give that one away just yet.  You will have to be patient!!

Now because I havent been on here for so long I cant remember what pictures I've shown you so here are a couple just so the post isnt too plain!!!

Triton's Treasure Ring

This has my own bead made with Triton DH glass ~ I love this glass


Katie's Ring

I made this one for my friends daughter Katie for her birthday
and she is modelling the ring for you

It has a pink tourmaline gemstone bead on copper wire

I know finally have some liver of sulphur gel and so I will be able to patina the copper so it will be darker. I think it will look much more rustic then.

Well thats it for now, hope to be a bit more active and write much more often. Right I'm off to Inspiration Avenue to see what the challenge is for this week!!

See you all again soon.

E x