Saturday, 22 June 2013

Latest Issue Bead

Look at me posts back to back!!

Do I here a whoop whoop whoop!!  No ~~ oh well here goes anyway!!

The Latest issue of Bead ~~  I made the front cover with my copper/pink bangle.

Bottom right corner

The bangle is called Chinese Whispers I thought it had a little chinese feel to it and liked the name so here are all the colour variations I made for it.


I love the colours really vibrant, with my weaving technique for the project, the pink wire is using 0.315mm wire and the purple is using 0.56mm wire. the difference is the pink is much finer and the purple more obvious.

Would love to know if you have decided to have a go at trying it out.


I will be adding more tutorials to the blog very soon and I would love to know if you would like to see me do any specific tutorials for you.

I do love to get comments so don't be shy leave any comments you want to pass on I always read them and will respond when possible.  (Please no advertising though)

More updates very soon!


E x

Comic Con May 2013

Slight delay in posting this but must show it because it was one of the major things going on in my life over the last few months.

So this happened the following week after Billies Prom so here goes:

The Character is called Grell from the manga/anime/graphic novels 'Black Butler'.

He is basically the Grim Reaper and instead of a death scythe he has a chain saw.  Billie and her Dad have built the chain saw from wood and copper pipe. 

At the Station with Matt
Nan made the coat and the waist coat was converted from one of mine. I sorted the 2 wigs out by sewing them together as the character has really long red hair.  This is her and Matt at Luton Parkway as we waited for the train to London.  He went as a character from the League of Legends game.

This is the rest of the gang when we eventually met up with them after a 2 hour queue to get in!!!   Never again!!!!! 

Matt, Billie (with chain saw), Molly (as Hermione), Charlotte (as Elizabeth also from Black Butler) her little sister Anastasia (as Tinkerbell) and Micah on the end (cant remember what his character was called)
This is the young chap we met in the 2 hour queue


We also met a few other characters along the way too.

with Alien

And Predator

Fun was had by all.

She is already trying to decide on what to do for the next show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have had lots of trouble trying to post this, it has taken me at least 3 attempts to do it, finally its worked!  Hoping the next one wont be so long!!!

See you again really soon!!

E x


Thursday, 6 June 2013

So much to tell

Busy, busy, busy!! 

I can't believe how much has been going on, so much so I just haven't had the time to tell you.

I will spread them out over different posts, first up is Billie's Leavers Prom.

Yes she has had her Prom,  2 weeks ago now, her school has their prom before there exams.  Little unusual but its all over and now she is in the middle of her exams right now!!

So hectic, rushing around trying to get all the accessories sorted out and I even left it so late to do her tiara it was ready the night before she needed it!!!   Phewwww!!

Faerie Spells Tiara for Billie

As you can see it has been made with red and clear AB swarovski crystals.on silver plated wire and tiara band.

And here is she all glammed up ready to go to Prom

In the garden

The Hair do with tiara

Mercedes Car courtesy of Uncle Vince
Katie did her hair for her and the car was hired, via Uncle Vince who works for Mercedes in Milton Keynes (which she loved!!)

After a few glitches as she forgot to get her friends address who was also coming along in the car too. She finally got to Prom and had a great evening at Woburn Safari Lodge, including riding on the Swan Boats.

Next time ~~ will be the other big event we were preparing for!!

Toodleoo for now

E x