Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New Button Designs

I have a few new designs for buttons

Spatter Lagoona Button

Seascape Button

I enjoy working the buttons they are always challenging and making sure the holes are good can be quite difficult at times.  I hope to come up with other designs too very soon.  The spatter design comes from the lentil bead designs I did way back last year, it is loosely based on the artist Miro.  I love abstract designs and want to create more designs in this way, I have a few ideas!!!   80))

I have also made some new cabochons in my seascape design too.  I was making some for my beadweaver friend Sue as she was making a piece for a competition so I made quite a few so she could choose which ones she wanted, the rest have been listed in my etsy bead store


Ocean Tides
I do enjoy making them but sometimes they become misshapen (like the top cab did!) Oooppps!! It can be difficult to keep this design from losing the circular shape but with more practice I am sure I will overcome this!

Ocean Tides is the biggest at 28mm dia.  I make them on a white base with aqua for the sea and dark ivory for the sand with lots of decoration from silvered ivory stringer, yellow and coral dots to represent little corals etc. on the seabed and twisties for shell looking additions. A murrini is on each one for some added interesting detail like a jellyfish or sea urchin maybe!!

With the cabs I try not to get too close to the edge with the raised decoration as this can hinder the beadweaving encasement which holds it in place, thats why most of it is centralised.

Just need to go make some more me thinks!!  Maybe tomorrow ~~ Yeah!!!

Toodleoo for now

E x