Saturday, 31 January 2015

Week 4 -- 52 Things -- Entwined Hearts Earrings

I made these a while ago but never got round to finishing them, I needed to finish off the earwires so finally got my hammer out and gave them a little pounding!!

Entwined Hearts Earrings

My little spotty dotty beads, with 2 colour dots on white and my own design wire earrings with handmade earwires too.

I really love anything heart shaped, I love to make heart beads and I have a new heart press which I got last year at Flame Off and I still haven't used it yet, really desperate now to try it out!


So many ideas to get cracking on, the list is getting longer!!!

If I don't get there I'll just have to get on with something else!!! Mmmmmm what could that be????

You'll have to wait and see!!!

E x

Thursday, 22 January 2015

52 Things -- Week 3 - Its a Boy!

Well we have had a new arrival in the family, my husbands cousin and his wife have just had a new baby.  His name is Arran and he weighed in at 13lbs 13ozs. We haven't been to see him just yet, WOW he was a big boy!!! He actually arrived on Boxing Day as he was a few weeks early because he wasn't due until 10 January but we only found out last week as I didn't receive the original text message.

So as I am doing this '52 things challenge' on the Craft Pimp forum, my goal is to make all sorts of arty crafty things each week for this year.

This is my week 3 offering its a card I made for them

Xxx Congratulations xxX

 Steve and Caroline

on the new arrival of your little bundle of joy!  xxx

Hope to get some photos of little Arran when we go to visit.

E x

Friday, 16 January 2015

52 Things -- week 2

Well I did make this in week 2 (just) but I've been holding off posting as my friend Diane (whose card it is) hasn't actually received it yet.  She wasn't in today for the postman so she will have to go collect it tomorrow. Should be safe this time of night to show it, I hope!

So she has reached this age herself now, making her 2 years younger than me as our birthdays are exactly one week apart. (Yes mine is next week!) 80//

I think it has come out ok, I did run out of room for the Happy Birthday so had to squeeze in, just, TODAY under the 50 which does bug me a little! Nothing I can do about it now!

I never know quite what I am going to end up with when I make cards but the recipients seem to like them!  I only make cards for special occasions I don't tend to make them for general birthdays, anniversaries, etc. usually but depends on how the mood takes me!

Right now need to work on this weeks make, already got something planned just need to get going. I will have caught up with the right week then -- how long it will last only time will tell!!!  Ha Ha!

Till next time

E x

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

52 things challenge

I've decided I need to get actively making again now my family seems to be well on the mend.

So I have decided to join in with the '52 Things' Challenge on the Craft Pimp forum.  

I will need to make something new each week and then show it on the forum -- whether its new beads, new jewellery or something completely new for me to try out. 

I have a number of new ideas of things I want to have a go at, I have just got some new materials to play with!  Also maybe doing some art painting which I haven't even attempted for years or just sketching in my sketchbook. There's quite a few to be getting on with ..

But firstly....

Torch needs to be fired up ....... working on that one --  sorted chair out so I can actually sit down!! (It had a pile of new glass sitting on it, now in a newly emptied drawer!!)

Then there is my new tools and some new equipment to experiment with, those I will show you along the way!

I also have some new books I received for christmas, so hoping to experiment with new techniques too.

I have to admit I really need to tidy up and move things around in my workshop as it needs a complete overhaul for it to work better for me. As, right now, it is very -- OVERCROWDED!!

Its driving me POTTY!!!!!!!  :-/

Now here is my first weeks' challenge make

Cracked Ice Copper Earrings

My cracked ice beads with copper findings and beads (my favourite I LOVE copper)
I know its late but we do have a little leeway for the first week.

So this weeks make (#2) will follow when I finish it ....  so will be back again soon with that.

E x

Monday, 5 January 2015

What have I made???

I have been trying to get back to making either beads or jewellery, with not much success so far!!!

I went to my bead group a few weeks ago now, it was great to see the girls as I hadn't seen them for a few months. There were a few new faces which is nice but not many of us turned up but it was lovely to be there even only for a short while!

BUT..........   wait for it .....................

I did actually make something while I was there  ----  Hoooooooray!!  Well I say make really it was alter ........    

one of my own necklaces -- steampunk in style --- I love it, but it had to be done, it was quite difficult to get on over my head because of some chain drapes which didn't leave me much room to get my head through the remaining space/gap!!!! 

I had previously removed a few charms and the locket watch which was the focal, as I had decided to use it on something else instead. So I thought I would dismantle parts of it to begin with, then I added a couple of steampunk charms here and there,  then I adapted the chain drapes so I could get it over my head easier.  Not sure if its quite complete yet, may need a tad more tweaking!!!

So I did make a little progress in the jewellery making department but not so in the beadmaking department, however! 

Getting out into my cold workshop doesn't seem very inviting, now the weather is chillier, may try now all the festivities are over and no more rushing about to do!!

I didn't get any of the gifts done, I wanted to do, at all, must get myself organised better this year!!  Ha ha!! Same old story!!

E x