Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Feeling Better

Yes well I seem to have failed so far (with reference to my last post, the last few paragraphs).

To be honest a few days after my last post I fell ill with the Flu.  I don't mean a bad cold I had real full blown flu was bed ridden for about a week and it has taken the last few weeks since to actually start to feel myself again!

My creativity had completely dried up and I really didn't want to do anything much at all. Then came the Half Term holidays last week and slowly with a bit more resting (well in between trips) I think I am becoming my old self once again!!

Still I've not fired up my torch yet and I have no jewellery creations to show you either  but .....

Thank goodness for our trips last week ~~  LONDON.   

Yep we went to London for the day on Tuesday as my daughter Billie needed to take photos for her art project. 

The project is entitled Urban Eyes/Rural Eyes.  

She wanted to take some night shots of Neon buildings lit up and the hustle and bustle London can give!  We also visited the V&A museum and the Natural History Museum (which are next door to each other luckily) I think she took around 300-400 photos of various things she needed but her night shots were just not working to well on her camera, good job Mum brought her camera too .........

I was totally exhausted when we got home and after I stopped ~~ I had completely seized up!

Oh I have also forgot to mention I slipped down the stairs the previous week (only the last 2 steps) but I really badly bruised my bum and pulled my ankle, I was carrying dirty washing in my hands at the time and think my slipper had slipped off slightly and sent me off balance and down I went! Quite a few bad words and a few tears later ~~ hurt pride was the main problem!

So getting back from a long trip around London, I am not surprised I seized up really!!! I am getting old ~~ poor ol' gal!!!!

Here are a few of the London photos:

Picadilly Circus

Damn missed the guy taking his shirt off! 
Ripley's Believe it or not!

The Hippodrome

Leicester Square

The Odeon Leicester Sq. 
(Billie is in the middle of the shot walking away from me)

What's coming to the Odeon

We did have a great day until we got back to the railway station and found all the trains home had been delayed down in Brighton and were running a least 45mins late if not more and so the platform was absolutely packed.  When we eventually got onto a train we had to stand practically the whole way back to Luton and we finally got home about 9.45pm.


We got what we went for but it took me at least the next day to recover!!


I will tell you about our other trip, next time ....

E x