Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Exams & Costumes

Right EXAMS first...

My daughter Billie ~~ my very clever daughter!!!!  80*  xoxoxoxox

She got her Science retakes results
(well couple of weeks ago actually but haven't got round to telling you all - Sorry about that, so here we go then!)

Yes I am very proud to say they were all A's  ~~ that means that all six of them are A's now (she retook the B results)

Physics P123 & P456
Chemistry C123 & C456
Biology B123 & B456

She loves Physics so much so she is taking it as one of her A levels
along with Maths, Art and now Biology (which she changed from psychology)

I am so happy, she is working so hard.

Next is her Art exam ~ which is over the next 2 days and she has just handed in her Product Design Coursework too.

Then she will have to complete her other art projects/coursework by 1st May.

And then its into all her other exams in May/June. 

Its very stressful for her and its been quite stressful for me too as I have been helping her as best I can, with ideas for her Art work, finding materials she can use (usually from my Aladdins Cave of a workshop ~ its amazing what I can conjure up from my cupboards) and just generally being there for her!!

She definitely needs the Easter break to have a bit of relaxation time!!

I expect we will need to go shopping as she will want to start sorting out her outfit for the next Comic Con  in May.   This is a comic/cosplay convention held in the Excel in London.  She loves to dress up and has recently dressed up as a Manga character Sakura Haruno (Naruto) for the recent Comic Relief 2013. 

She went around the school with her trusty bucket collecting for the charity but had some competition this time from the sixth formers doing the same thing.  She collected £28 as opposed to the last 2 events when she collected over £70 for Children in Need each time. She was a little disappointed but I told her that it was still good for one person to achieve.

She has decided to start blogging about her fundraising and her cosplay costumes and the events she attends.  When I get the link I will let you know (I cant remember what shes called her new blog!!!)

Next time will have new beads to show


E x