Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers Day -- Strange Day Ever

Yes it has been a bit odd today, I needed to get some things done but decided to start with a little lie-in, so I got my Lee Child book out and had a lovely relaxing read. Billie my daughter came in with my card, my flowers were already in a vase downstairs as she went out yesterday to get them. Beautiful they are too. ♥

We had a Sunday morning chat on the bed (well I was in it), we do this from time to time!  She was already dressed waiting for her boyfriend to come round for the day, he lives a little over 6 miles away so he usually gets dropped off by a parent. She hadn't seen him for a few weeks coz she'd been really busy with school work. 

We had a nice morning! 

I needed to get up and get on, so it was now afternoon and so up I got, reluctantly! Had breakfast, put washing out .... The first phone call came in, I answered it .... it was the boyfriend! He can't come over yet he'd been out last night and on the way home left his mobile in the taxi and needed to go and get it back. Probably be about an hour or so. So she waited!  Oh dear!!

I needed to finish Mum's earrings off, went up into my workshop to do some hammering on the earwires, finishing was going to be a bit of wrapping as the silver bead hole was a little large and it kept sliding off. Great one done .... other one I just needed to tuck in the loose end of the wire............. CRACK!!!!  The bottom swaro crystal split right done the middle and flew across the room!!!  Damn and Blast it!!!!  More like S**T and B****R!!
Thats them knackered , now what am I going to do!!   

I promised Mum a new pair to replace the pair she loved and took on holiday, she lost one of them while she was away, yonks ago, these were them!!!

Luckily I had a back-up gift but still I was very annoyed.  She would understand I know she will, I have a truely wonderful MUM! ♥♥♥

3pm 2nd phone call comes in ..... he's not coming now, getting a bit late ...... she's not a happy lady!!  Wasted day ...waiting,  when she could have got on with some artwork. Deadline and 3 day exam straight after Easter holidays!!

Pretty upset with him now!! 

I said go do some work so you don't waste anymore of the day!!
'Yep, I suppose I'd better' she said    80((

3rd phone call comes in 10 minutes later, he says 'I can come over if you still want me too.......'

'Don't bother I'm gonna do some work now'   phone goes down!!!

Now she is totally wrecked!!
Started doing some work but her heart wasn't in it.

I go visit my Mum.

Two hours later I come back, shes talking on fb to him, lots of apologising, not going down to well ....

We chat, she has a Mummy hug, I think its over!!!

She contacts him, this is the last time, she says Goodbye!!!!

Weirdest Mothers Day ever!!!

Now to make a new pair of earrings, no pics today, Sorry! 

Maybe next time!

E x

Sunday, 23 March 2014

More blogging required

I am needing a kick to get me started,  I have finally added some posts this week but I really need to set myself some goals because I am totally unorganised at the moment.

I did promise to add more tutorials to my blog and so I need to make LISTS!

Yes back to the good ol' LISTS!

Whenever I lapse not using Lists I just go to pot!
Here we go then .........

1. Do tutorials for my blog.

2. Take photos of beads with new backgrounds to update them.

3. Make new beads and cabs.

4. Make some new jewellery, try out my new letter stamps and disc cutter

5. STOP PROCRASTINATING, get on with the jobs I need to do (see all of the above)


7. Go to bed at a decent time! Not at 2am, 3am, 4am I'm getting to old for this!!

Hello my name is Elaine I have an addiction -----  LAZINESS! 

Blinkin' well pull your finger out and get on with something women!!!!

Right I am now officially told off -- will it help  ...........  I doubt it!!

E x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

RED Hair

I dyed my hair for the fancy dress party and I love this colour.  My last colour was a darker shade but I really like this one.

I don't do 'selfies' much but thought you might like to see what a great colour it turned out.

pondering  mmmmm
Looks a bit pale in this photo, I took it on my new Galaxy Note and not sure how to change things yet, need to work out how to use it properly I think!!
That's all this time

E x


Flowers into Glass

I have been taking some photos of flowers blooming in my garden.  I cant believe how many buds my Camelia plant has this year, usually I don't get many but with all this rain we've had this year its absolutely covered!!  Apparently they love lots of water and with all our rain we've been having it has gone mad!


Here's a close up of one bloom, I have taken to having a go at making some flower beads and need some real life blooms to help me make them as accurately as possible. (Well within reason!!) 80))

Lovely and sunny day but I think I got a good enough shot for my flower collection.

I also have some double daffodils that hubbie has put into my kitchen window box, its a shame to cut them but they are so top heavy they just droop over so much.

So now they are in a vase on my kitchen window sill, so now they have moved inside..... they just smell divine!


I purchased the yellow ones but again I want to have a go at recreating them in glass too.

I have seen many types of flowers/buds in glass on-line and I do have an e-tutorial I want to practice too, just need to


I will keep you posted how I get on!!!

Till next time

E x

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fancy Dress - Disney or Panto

For the last couple of weeks we have been trying to create costumes for a fancy dress Birthday party including an Engagement thrown in too.

Theme: Disney or Panto

So what characters did we pick ~~

Billie ~~ Merida from Brave
Me  ~~  Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean (as a pirate)

Mum has been sewing like mad (I really do have a fabulous Mum) creating the green dress that Merida wears when she goes out into the forest with her bow and arrows. 

For my costume I needed a pirate shirt and Elizabeth wears a waistcoat over the top so Mum has made both of those as well.

Three garments on the go at once, she is a miracle worker!! She's 77 years old and I can't believe what she does at her age.

xxxxx Love her to bits xxxxx

She completed them all just in time!!  Phew!!

Billie as Merida


Billie wanted her outfit to be able to wear it for Comicon this May.  So she will need a complete outfit for that which includes the bow and quiver for the arrows.

So the bow went into production in the 'garage' workshop and with her Dad helping her they completed it with a couple of hours to spare.  The quiver, however, did not get made but will be ready for Comicon I am sure!!  As this was all happening she was also sitting her Mock A-level exams during last week, so life was a little 'frought' to say the least!!

I wasn't actually making anything for the costumes but I do have major input as I do have sewing abilities so purchasing fabrics etc. is left to me and of course coffing up the money to pay for it all, including getting my pirate hat too.  I already had the boots and I just added some leggings to complete my costume.

Oh there was the matter of a present which I did throw together a wire ring for 'Cinderella' aka Zoe the Birthday Girl, who was actually 50 on Tuesday,  (she did go to the ball with her handsome Prince/Robin Hood!!)

Zoe and Pete

So after all the rush, rush, rush all last week the party was on Saturday and fun was had by all!!!  80))

Billie, Me, Katie (as Alice), Eve (as Cruella DeVil) and Josie (as the Queen of Hearts)

Zoe put her present on straight away and she loved it.  ( Silly me forgot to photograph it before I wrapped it up) hopefully next time I see her I might be able to prise it off her to get a snap or two.

Great fun  80))

See you again soon.

E x