Thursday, 25 September 2014

What a Summer! Where did it go?

As the last rays of summer are giving us a bit of an 'Indian Summer' as autumn is setting in and the leaves are falling and the nights are getting chiller, where did my summer go! 

My last post was back in June and since that post my life got turned completely upside down!!  On the 13th July I rushed my Mum to hospital with a chronic pain on her left side of her abdomen.  The evening was spent in A&E while they worked out what was wrong with her!  They linked her up to a morphine drip, x-rayed her and then admitted her onto a ward for the night.  She was booked in for a CT scan in the morning, they then found a massive cyst on her ovary, this was the cause of her pain.  

They moved her up to the gynae ward, the consultant spoke with her and told her he would need to give her a full hysterectomy to remove the cyst, it was possible it was cancerous. 

She had to wait a couple of weeks for her op on 7th August, it seemed like forever caring for her at home while she waited.  He rang me immediately after he had finished the operation to tell me it was most likely benign, we still had to wait 10 days for confirmation from the lab though.  It was confirmed as being benign, great news!!

Oh Boy what a summer!!

She is recovering really well, her op was nearly 7 weeks ago, her scar has healed over and she is practically self sufficient now. I have been able to leave her to feed herself and she does her  own washing up too. Last week the Occupational Therapy team brought her some gadgets for her to use to make life easier! And my brother bought her a new adjustable electric bed, how fab is that!!  She loves it!!

She is a fabulous Mum and has always been there for me through all of my difficulties, this was my turn to repay her for her love and to look after her through this difficult time. We are totally ecstatic that she has come through this and we haven't lost her to the nasty disease that is  -- Cancer!!!

So as you can imagine I have made nothing for this time spent looking after Mum!
No jewellery.   No beadmaking.  My housework and washing has piled up over this period as well as all the jobs I was going to do through the summer holidays, all not done!!!

Lots of catching up to do but now I'm back at school its taking time!!
I'll get there, I am especially desperate to get back to my torch, hoping it will be this week, fingers crossed xxxx

Maybe next time I will have something new to show you, hearts are in my mind, here's hoping 80))

E x