Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I've done a little tweaking

As you can see I have done a little tweaking here and there!!  As much as I liked the flames I think this background is a little easier on the eyes!!  Not completely sure if it will stay like this but for now it's OK.

I have also been making some decisions and thought I would let you in on them!

I have decided to let my website domain name go and shut it down.  While I was ill I couldnt keep up with anything at all and it made me realise that I have too much on my plate to deal with comfortably, so to be able to cope better I had to cut down on what I do! on-line! 

So from now onwards I will only be selling through my Etsy stores and that is it. Less is better for me! I dont deal with the selling side of things to well so this way I can try and keep on top of things better.

Jewellery making is another thing I feel has taken over my whole life for many years, so again I have decided to cut down on what I make and concentrate more on my beadmaking. I will still make jewellery just not as often or it could be just to make things for magazines, friends or family not quite so much for selling.  I will show you any pieces I make but they may not be for sale but commissions are always welcome 80))

Beadmaking ~ well I havent been at my torch hardly at all this year.  I would like to get out into my workshop a bit more often and get the torch fired up and me along with it!!  Ha ha!!  Great ideas are a brewing but I need to get practising so I can fulfill my ideas!!  More on that another time, hopefully with photos to show how I'm getting along.


Now onto something a little different. My daughter Billie seems to be getting a bit of an interest in STEAMPUNK style right now so I have been searching for watch parts and bits and bobs like that for her. She loves to frequent Deviantart and has now made me a profile on this art based site, this is where she has seen Steampunk jewellery and wants to give it a go!  So from time to time I may well pop her work on here too, to show you how she's getting along. I may also have to show her some other skills she has yet to learn so she can achieve some of the ideas she has in mind.  It will be great to work along with her to help her progress but she has a big year ahead of her as she goes into Year 11 her GCSE year when she goes back to school in September. 


And for my final bit of news, my family has had a busy time recently.  My brother Vince and his family have all had an interesting year.  My niece Lucy has finished her degree and passed with flying colours just after her 21st birthday. My nephew Jack got married just over 2 weeks ago so lots of shopping for that had to be done!!  So now Vince and his wife Maxine are having a big party to celebrate, as they too have been busy finishing there extension on the bunglow ~ I've nicknamed it the Cathedral!!  Ha Ha!! So something else to look forward too.

A few wedding pics for you

The nervous groom with my Mum

My brother, Mum and Me
The Happy Couple being confettied

Vince and Maxine
Cutting the Cake (including Maxine's elbow)

Billie trying out hats!!!

Well there's me thinking I didnt have much to tell you and look at the length of this catch-up post!! 

Lovely to be back!!

Hope to chat to you again soon.

E x