Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nearly My Birthday

I am nearly a year older, its not until next Tuesday but I was so excited because I have my pressie early!!!!!

I am using it right this moment!  Yippeeeeeee!! 80))

I was asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said 'this' and as the old bloke has just got his bonus this month he said yes I could have one!!!   Whoahoooo!!!!

Can you guess what it is yet?

I will tell you  ...........   a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with the S-pen


So he said I could have it now, bless him!

I couldn't believe it as he is suffering again with his back, he must be in a strange sort of mood but I'm not complaining!
He put it out again on Sunday so he is hobbling around poor thing! He seems to do it around this time of year, it seems to be after the Christmas rush and the cold damp weather effects him.

I originally said I wanted a Tab3 but when I saw the sale price on this I thought 'got to have it' it had £70 off it.     WELL HAPPY!


I am so chuffed, it will be great for reading blogs and on forums and facebook etc. So maybe I will be able to keep up with everything much better -- thats the plan anyway.

So I am hoping to drop into blogland more often    80))

Just got to make some new things too so I will have something to show you as well!

So got more playing to do, so until next time


E x