Monday, 13 May 2013

New Glassy Goodies

OOOO look at me 2 posts inside a week!!!

But I was itching to show you my new goodies, I've been looking to have a go at them for weeks now and finally got going! 

Here they are

Yes they are glass headpins for all you jewellery makers out there!!

The main problem was how to successfully make them without burning me!  So the first go was with the red berries/rosehips and the red heart, I thought I would try tapeing them to a bead mandrel with some duck tape.  It did work but was very messy and sticky.

So then I decided to try a different idea and thought why dont I just wire them onto a mandrel and that worked a treat, it was good as I could spin them just like making a bead and didnt burn my fingers which was great!!

The bluedrops I also added some frit and then pulled them into a lovely pointy drop shape which I think are so pretty.  So I will definitely be making more.  These aren't annealled yet as I decided to batch anneal them, then I hope what will happen is the copper wires will darken as they will get annealled as well.  I will need to hammer them to harden them but they will look antiqued, these then could be used as earrings by using the wire as the earring hook all in one piece.

I will show you how that goes once I have annealled them so you can see what I mean!!

I have lots on this week as its my daughter Billie's School Prom on friday and still haven't made her tiara yet along with some bobby pins for her hair.  And I am writing the next tutorial for Bead magazine as well ~~~ what am I doing now ~~ well writing this of course!!!!!

So better fly and get cracking with the tiara ~~~  like now!!!!!

Right bye for now

E x

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Latest Bead Magazine

I know its a bit late but I am in the latest issue of Bead Magazine

here is my tutorial piece(s)

Swirling Tempest

Its wild and stormy - this issue was a special issue with the theme Back to Nature.

I decided to use one of my seascape beads as the focal I dont use my own beads very often but as I am also profiled in this issue of the magazine as well,  I was able to use my beads in the project, so the article had a 2 page spread and the project had a 4 page spread so lots of pages - huh!!!!  80))

It was quite a large advanced project and it took me a while to write it so my next one isnt so large but I did enjoy making it and I am pretty pleased with it.   I hope the readers will like it.

I also made the connectors and the beads on them too. Its my first major project where I made the majority of the components, so I am pleased with this achievement and one I have had on my long list of goals to fulfill. So thats another tick in the box!!

Next time I will show you what new ideas I have been working on.

So till next time


E x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Busy Creating!

I cant believe how bad I have been,  I did promise to be good and up date more often but since I have had my new phone I have been whizzing around on that and neglecting everything I need to do here!!

So what have I been doing, well, I've been busy doing ~~~  various different things, like:

Pinterest ~ yes set up a new account  ChatElaine Wire and Fire

loving the storage of all sorts of fab photos around the net!

Come visit me there I have a new tab in my side bar too so you can visit me anytime you like

Flickr ~  ChatElaine Wire and Fire  ~~ I set up a new account just before christmas but never did too much to get it going ~~  I have been whizzing around finding contacts from my previous account (faerie wishes) I have shut my old one down but probably will only put more family orientated photos on there from now on.

Etsy ~  well you know I have two Etsy stores, I have been listing new jewellery and new beads too with more to come soon.

This one is in my jewellery shop ChatElaine Creations

I have new cabs and buttons in my bead shop ChatElaineGlassArt along with seascape beads and still more to come too.

I have been trying out shank type buttons too and here are my Hugs and Kisses set along with my toadstool as well.


I need to make more, more, more!!!! 

But life at home is very hectic at the moment and I just don't have enough hours in the day to get what I want done.  I have started doing my other job as swim club assistant along with running around sorting things for Billie as her exams are getting close, her prom too and we need to finish finding her outfit and Comic Con too with her costume still to create!!  We are making headway but all I seem to be doing is shopping, shopping and more shoppppingggggggggg!!  I'm exhausted!!!

More posts still to write so will try and get them done ASAP!!

See you again very soon!!


E x