Monday, 29 December 2014

O Christmas Tree

My new Christmas Tree, very tall but narrow just right for the only place in the house for it.
Its growing on me, we gave it a silver and blue theme (needs more blue I reckon!)

I love to have a real one but hubbie said no this year because I normally get one with a root ball so if it survives Christmas we plant it in the garden, he wasnt up to potting it up because his back just wasn't up to it. So went shopping day before Christmas Eve and got it half price!  Good result!!!

Oh and see the glass bauble right near the top underneath the angel I made that this year at the Flame-off. 
It is glass blowing my very first attempt. 
I was quite pleased with myself.

Hope you had a great Christmas!  

I did!

Merry Christmas to Everyone

A Very Happy & Prosperous 

New Year


xx Elaine xx