Thursday, 20 March 2014

Flowers into Glass

I have been taking some photos of flowers blooming in my garden.  I cant believe how many buds my Camelia plant has this year, usually I don't get many but with all this rain we've had this year its absolutely covered!!  Apparently they love lots of water and with all our rain we've been having it has gone mad!


Here's a close up of one bloom, I have taken to having a go at making some flower beads and need some real life blooms to help me make them as accurately as possible. (Well within reason!!) 80))

Lovely and sunny day but I think I got a good enough shot for my flower collection.

I also have some double daffodils that hubbie has put into my kitchen window box, its a shame to cut them but they are so top heavy they just droop over so much.

So now they are in a vase on my kitchen window sill, so now they have moved inside..... they just smell divine!


I purchased the yellow ones but again I want to have a go at recreating them in glass too.

I have seen many types of flowers/buds in glass on-line and I do have an e-tutorial I want to practice too, just need to


I will keep you posted how I get on!!!

Till next time

E x

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