Sunday, 23 March 2014

More blogging required

I am needing a kick to get me started,  I have finally added some posts this week but I really need to set myself some goals because I am totally unorganised at the moment.

I did promise to add more tutorials to my blog and so I need to make LISTS!

Yes back to the good ol' LISTS!

Whenever I lapse not using Lists I just go to pot!
Here we go then .........

1. Do tutorials for my blog.

2. Take photos of beads with new backgrounds to update them.

3. Make new beads and cabs.

4. Make some new jewellery, try out my new letter stamps and disc cutter

5. STOP PROCRASTINATING, get on with the jobs I need to do (see all of the above)


7. Go to bed at a decent time! Not at 2am, 3am, 4am I'm getting to old for this!!

Hello my name is Elaine I have an addiction -----  LAZINESS! 

Blinkin' well pull your finger out and get on with something women!!!!

Right I am now officially told off -- will it help  ...........  I doubt it!!

E x


  1. Must be in the name I am super lazy when I want to be and if it wasn't for the dogs I doubt I would get dressed some days! I must question you on your blog I want all those gubbins at the top, the pages, and I don't know to get them...add another number to your list...8. Help Laney with her blog! Lx

  2. Ha ha! Ah well I have to say it was ages ago I added them, got to remember how to do it. On you dashboard do you have in the menu with all the things on it -- like layout, posts, template, etc. have you got 'pages' on that list if so you need to create a page then add it to your layout page. If you dont then I will have to find out again how to do it. My friend Sharon at Plumrose Lane might have a tut on her blog. She is lovely like that, her link is in my side bar, I'll go take a look for you! 80)) x


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