Saturday, 31 January 2015

Week 4 -- 52 Things -- Entwined Hearts Earrings

I made these a while ago but never got round to finishing them, I needed to finish off the earwires so finally got my hammer out and gave them a little pounding!!

Entwined Hearts Earrings

My little spotty dotty beads, with 2 colour dots on white and my own design wire earrings with handmade earwires too.

I really love anything heart shaped, I love to make heart beads and I have a new heart press which I got last year at Flame Off and I still haven't used it yet, really desperate now to try it out!


So many ideas to get cracking on, the list is getting longer!!!

If I don't get there I'll just have to get on with something else!!! Mmmmmm what could that be????

You'll have to wait and see!!!

E x

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