Monday, 5 January 2015

What have I made???

I have been trying to get back to making either beads or jewellery, with not much success so far!!!

I went to my bead group a few weeks ago now, it was great to see the girls as I hadn't seen them for a few months. There were a few new faces which is nice but not many of us turned up but it was lovely to be there even only for a short while!

BUT..........   wait for it .....................

I did actually make something while I was there  ----  Hoooooooray!!  Well I say make really it was alter ........    

one of my own necklaces -- steampunk in style --- I love it, but it had to be done, it was quite difficult to get on over my head because of some chain drapes which didn't leave me much room to get my head through the remaining space/gap!!!! 

I had previously removed a few charms and the locket watch which was the focal, as I had decided to use it on something else instead. So I thought I would dismantle parts of it to begin with, then I added a couple of steampunk charms here and there,  then I adapted the chain drapes so I could get it over my head easier.  Not sure if its quite complete yet, may need a tad more tweaking!!!

So I did make a little progress in the jewellery making department but not so in the beadmaking department, however! 

Getting out into my cold workshop doesn't seem very inviting, now the weather is chillier, may try now all the festivities are over and no more rushing about to do!!

I didn't get any of the gifts done, I wanted to do, at all, must get myself organised better this year!!  Ha ha!! Same old story!!

E x


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