Saturday, 22 June 2013

Comic Con May 2013

Slight delay in posting this but must show it because it was one of the major things going on in my life over the last few months.

So this happened the following week after Billies Prom so here goes:

The Character is called Grell from the manga/anime/graphic novels 'Black Butler'.

He is basically the Grim Reaper and instead of a death scythe he has a chain saw.  Billie and her Dad have built the chain saw from wood and copper pipe. 

At the Station with Matt
Nan made the coat and the waist coat was converted from one of mine. I sorted the 2 wigs out by sewing them together as the character has really long red hair.  This is her and Matt at Luton Parkway as we waited for the train to London.  He went as a character from the League of Legends game.

This is the rest of the gang when we eventually met up with them after a 2 hour queue to get in!!!   Never again!!!!! 

Matt, Billie (with chain saw), Molly (as Hermione), Charlotte (as Elizabeth also from Black Butler) her little sister Anastasia (as Tinkerbell) and Micah on the end (cant remember what his character was called)
This is the young chap we met in the 2 hour queue


We also met a few other characters along the way too.

with Alien

And Predator

Fun was had by all.

She is already trying to decide on what to do for the next show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have had lots of trouble trying to post this, it has taken me at least 3 attempts to do it, finally its worked!  Hoping the next one wont be so long!!!

See you again really soon!!

E x


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