Saturday, 22 June 2013

Latest Issue Bead

Look at me posts back to back!!

Do I here a whoop whoop whoop!!  No ~~ oh well here goes anyway!!

The Latest issue of Bead ~~  I made the front cover with my copper/pink bangle.

Bottom right corner

The bangle is called Chinese Whispers I thought it had a little chinese feel to it and liked the name so here are all the colour variations I made for it.


I love the colours really vibrant, with my weaving technique for the project, the pink wire is using 0.315mm wire and the purple is using 0.56mm wire. the difference is the pink is much finer and the purple more obvious.

Would love to know if you have decided to have a go at trying it out.


I will be adding more tutorials to the blog very soon and I would love to know if you would like to see me do any specific tutorials for you.

I do love to get comments so don't be shy leave any comments you want to pass on I always read them and will respond when possible.  (Please no advertising though)

More updates very soon!


E x

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