Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year for 2013

I never got to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas so thought I would make up for it by wishing you a very


I have been thinking about the new year and what it may hold and I really hope it will be an improvement on this year ~ especially healthwise for me.  So I have been deciding on what things I want to do in the coming year!

I like to make lists ~ this helps me to remember to begin with, as well as having all my thoughts/ideas in one place to look back at.

Right were to begin???

1.  ART ~  I have been involved with helping my daughter in her Art projects for her GCSE's this year and it has made me a little envious and so I really want to get back to my paint brushes and get my canvases out (which are just sitting there doing nothing other than getting in the way) so why not get some paint on them and get them up on the wall.  Could use some collage images and some abstract art on them as well as maybe some of my daughters art here and there too, sort of a family collage painting, something along those lines anyway!

2.  STAINED GLASS ~ yes this is something I learnt a long time ago but havent done any making for a number of years!! The thing is I have a few areas in the house that need windows for that have been earmarked for stained glass.  Partly due to the fact I am unsure what designs to use for these areas along with the fact my workshop now is set up for beadmaking so my bench isnt fit for stained glass making.  I am unsure if I will be able to get this project underway this year but it goes onto the list, hoping I will get it done! 

3.  JEWELLERY ~  mainly tutorials, for the magazines and for here on my blog. I will just do those as I go along, making decisions on what as they come up.  I already have some in the pipeline anyway.  I do want to get more wirework pieces into my etsy store and am thinking about brooches/scarf rings, maybe finger /thumb rings and even some earrings too. 

4.  BEADS ~ now then this is a big issue!!  I have so many techniques to learn and also revisit to perfect the techniques also I want to come up with some new designs as well. 

Buttons (more, more and lots more!!)

Cabochons (love these, got some new ideas for cabs too)

Sets Designs ~ sockys,  focals as well as the sparkle beads (transparent small beads) too


mayhem series

Jelly Roses, to name just a few

Focal Designs ~ Dynasty series,

Seascapes (like the cabs as well)

My Chatelle beads (Big Holes) get my new bead roller christened, this has different bead shapes.

Techniques I would like to try are  ~ the Chaos designs

~~  more DH silver glasses ~~ results arent always as good so need to get my technique more controlled!

Also need to get a better flame control this in turn will improve my designs as I cant always achieve the end result I want.   Just got out of practice I guess along with confidence too.

So need to be more positive and get cracking again!!!  Yep!!  Fire up my little Cricket!!

Roll on 2013!


E x

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