Friday, 6 September 2013


There's me thinking I had posted this already but no there it was sitting in my draft folder!!

Now I realised I was having so much trouble that day with attaching the photos that I gave up ~~ silly me!!!  So here it is:

I had a commission for a friend for  some silver jewellery that would complement her dress for her 60th Birthday Party during August. 

Her dress was gorgeous ~~ it was a pale cream with gorgeous pansy type flowers over it, as if it was a watercolour painting. The pansies were denser around the bottom of the dress which they then got gradually less and less as they moved up the dress, it also had a dark purple sash around the middle and for the straps!

She asked me to complement this stunning dress, she would like to have the colours in the pansies in the jewellery and so we chatted for a while and I then drew up a rough sketch, she seemed to like it and away I went ~ time to make it!!

We had a heatwave,  it was so hot, I didn't feel like doing any beadmaking or jewellery making either for that matter, so time ticked on ~~ the party was looming ~~ I had to crack on with it!!!!! 


I took Billie to Brighton with her friends for her Birthday treat, it suddenly cooled on that day!

We still had ice cream though!!

Here they are in the Pavilion Park, Jordan was missing, he was getting coffee instead so missed being in the shot!  Oh and Billie is the mad one on the left!!!

So the weather had finally cooled enough to go do some beadmaking!!  I decided on making some beads with 3 dot flowers but I needed something a little different to go into the centre of the wire pansy for the necklace.

This is what I came up with:

A Viola

Turned out to be more of a Viola rather than a pansy but I am pretty pleased with myself as flowers are not my strong point at all. 

The whole set looks like this, all made using sterling silver, the components were all made by me with the exception of the chain!

Vibrant Viola Necklace Set

Some close ups for you too.

 Sorry it took me so long!!

Happy Beading!

E x

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