Sunday, 19 October 2014

29 Years Ago Today

Yes 29 years ago I got married to my long suffering hubbie, through thick and thin we have endured many trials and tribulations in our life together. 

For a number of years we went through fertility treatment and finally tried IVF, 3 attempts later we succeeded and my daughter was born, a great bundle of joy she was too.

Sadly no more babies came along but I love being a Mum and only wish I could of had more.  Billie is 17 now, my beautiful daughter is growing up, last year she passed all her GCSE's amazingly passing all 11 of them. This year she has just completed her first year of her A levels but she's been having a few problems and is also suffering with some teenager problems too which haven't helped either, I've had to help her through this difficult time. Its very hard on teenagers now lots of stress from exams and peer pressures but she is getting there but it will take time and she is getting very frustrated with the situation, we will get her through it though, hopefully very soon.  She has had to drop her A Levels and is now at College doing an Art & Design diploma which will be an equivalent of 3 A levels when she is finished, then she hopes to go on to do her Foundation in Art and Design before trying for her Degree at University.  So still got a long way to go yet, fingers crossed she'll make it through.

So I've been having a hectic time helping my close family through difficult times, what with my Mum and now Billie. 

We carry on!!! 

We decided a few years ago that we didn't really use our Zoo membership fully so we had to make some cut backs on our spending so we had to let it lapse, sadly.  A couple of weeks ago I felt we needed some family time, so we could relax and enjoy being together, where we are all comfortable with going, so I decided we would go back to the Zoo and get our memberships renewed.  It is on our doorstep and a very lovely location on top of the Chiltern Hills which we call The Downs!  Whipsnade Zoo is famous for its conservation of wild animals under threat of extinction and membership fees help with this cause.

Since we have been gone they have had some new additions to the animal families.  New tiger cubs, Asian Elephants and very recently a baby giraffe.

Isn't he cute


And we think this is the proud Dad but I couldn't swear to that!!!  He did give the little lad a few nips when he tried to eat some of his supper!!  Ha Ha!!

Giraffes are my most favourite of animals so graceful and elegant, with great big beautiful eyes.  I keep having attempts at drawing/painting them but to no avail, with these pics I might be able to give it another go!!  We'll see, I'm not the most confident with drawing!! 80)) I do love to paint but just don't seem to get round to doing any, for quite a few years now actually, maybe I will again!!

Til next time

E x


  1. Congratulations on 29 years!! How strange with the A levels, girlie did exactly the same, was an academic student and then half way through the A levels became much more 'arty', the least arty of both my kids I was in shock; she is now at Hereford Uni (college of arts or something!) doing a degree in Commercial Photography and is both loving it and producing photos of which I am in awe. Its hard when you expect one thing and they totally change direction and do something else. Good luck to Billy I am sure whatever path she chooses she will exceed all expectations. I LOVE the zoo!! I love the elephants, the giraffes, the hippos....all of them and I seriously miss my trips to Howletts with the kids when they were little. x

    1. Ah Thanks Laney xx Billie has always loved art but felt she should take her science academic route but it wasn't right for her. She is loving her art course and she will hopefully be doing a Model Design degree if she is able to get in.

      Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

      Hope Charley does well with her photography, her photos are amazing already xx


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