Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Hi there...

Back in June, 14th to be precise, I was at work (at school) on the playground and had a FALL!!

If you are a bit squeemish.... look away now!!!

Yes...mmmm... wasn't really a little 'fall' I went down with quite a 'Whalp' cut my forehead open which required 32 stitches, 8 of them were internal to close it up.... I'm afraid it went down to the bone....


I also twisted my knee before I landed on it and that has caused other problems with my hip now.

So, all in all, it's taken some time to recover and I would say I'm about 95% of the way there.

I will spare you the gruesome photos but here I am showing my scar off

and me more recently showing how well its covered up by my hair

I still get a bit tired but I am trying to get back to normal.... ha ha... whatever that is!!

On my road to recovery I've been a bit obsessed with Mixed Media/Art Journalling and have now decided to dabble in this genre!!!

I've been a YouTube fanatic for weeks now watching all sorts of techniques and inspirational mixed media videos.

So now I have a few bits and pieces to start me off

Stencils, Archival Ink (permanent), Tim Holtz Distress Inks (water soluble), Faber Castell Gelatos (water soluble wax based paint sticks) and Caran D'arche Neocolour II, also water soluble wax crayons....

This one has a few stamps and some lovely decorative paper bags...

As an 'arty' person anyway,  there are certain paints and cardmaking 'stuff' I already own... along with what Billie has too....

So with all that... I have finally started some pages, some nearly finished but lots in my head.....

My journey begins...    with my FALL. ...

My future posts will include journalling pages as I make them... 😊😊😊 so if you are interested you can come along .... on my journey into mixed media!

As for beadmaking I hope to get back to it...... sooooooon! 😜

Have a good day

E x


  1. heheheh Youtube addict hehehehehhe welcome to the club lol.... I would love some of those stamps and stuff.. oh I have some :D must get mine out and have a play :D

  2. Yay.... I've just found my fairy stamps and acrylic blocks.... so happy.
    Go get yours out..😉


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