Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hi and Welcome

Welcome to my new blog. 

I have been blogging for a few years now at my other blog:  

it is still up and running but because of the technical problems I have been experiencing I thought I would give a new blog a try so here we are in 2012 and a new venture ahead!!

Now, time to find some of my friends which will take me a little time but I would love to collect some new ones along the way too.  So come one, come all!!

What do I DO, what shall I write ABOUT, who the heck am I???

Well, I am Elaine Thornton a Jewellery Designer/Maker, Lampworker (glass beadmaker), Wife, Mum (to one teenage daughter) and my day job is a School Lunchtime Assistant (or dinnerlady as you may know it!)  An all round ARTISAN!!  Ha ha ha!!!

Do I sleep ~~ NOT MUCH!!  
Am I busy ~~ A LOT OF THE TIME!!
Do I love to chat ~~ YEP YOU BET, thats how my business name came about!! 
Do I love to eat ~~ OH YES!!
Do I need to lose weight ~~ ABSOLUTELY!!
Will I ~~ I MUST!!
Do I HATE housework ~~ YOU BET I DO!!
Do I do it ~~ I TRY NOT TOO!!


What else do I like to do?

I love to watch films (along with my family).
I love meeting my friends and CHATTING (having a few drinks too)!!
I enjoy meeting up with my family when possible (had a lovely Christmas Day with them!) Both my brother and us are having an extension on the house right now, so lots of comparing notes on how its progressing! (Thats a whole other story which I may fill you in on at a later date!!)
Plus my nephew has just announced his engagement and the Big Day has just been set in August! Wow! He only has 8 months to organise the wedding and getting a house sorted out for them.  Cant wait, I just love weddings!!  Maybe his fiancee will need a tiara and special jewellery made!!!  MMmmmmm, I think I might have a little chat with her very soon!! 80))

I also teach!! Jewellery making ~ beginners & intermediate along with wirework techniques and tiara making.  I love it, I do one-2-one, workshops and even jewellery making parties.  I have also started writing tutorials again for one of our UK bead/jewellery making magazines.   

All details are on my website:     

Good grief, its taken all this time before I give my website a PLUG!!

Ha ha!!

I also have 2 Etsy stores (US) ~ one for my jewellery and one for my beads.
One Folksy store (UK)  (Empty right now)
One Misi store (UK)  (A few items in there)

Details should be in my side bar!  If not yet it will be there soon!! 

So much to fill in, so little time!! 

So I think you maybe getting a bit of a picture on what I might write about here!!

Would you like a few pictures now?

Here are some of my wire hoop earrings ~ I do mean MINE because they are MINE!

Antique Jangles Hoops

with pearls on brass wire

Mary Q Hoops

these are black onyx and crystals on sterling silver wire

I've been preparing some samples for my first workshop in March. Gosh its coming up fast!!! Its a beginners course so some very simple stringing jewellery to show you!

Chunky Monkey Necklace

Mean Green Necklace

Love doing simple things sometimes, gives you a break from more complex stuff!! And I do love chunky too, very popular in the shops right now as well!! These are both made using ceramic beads with metal spacers and bead caps.

Well I am a bit 'pooped' out so best be off to bed and will check back later and get some more uploading of info. done!

Catch you all soon.



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