Sunday, 29 January 2012

Little more interesting

Yes its starting to look a little more interesting now that I've added a bit here and there!!

Still having a little trouble with some things and I think that is down to the fact that this blog is on a brand new email address as well.  Facebook is not attached to it so I reckon there lies the problem!!!  I still find many things difficult to sort out on here, I know what I want to do but just don't know how too!!  Gets very frustrating!!

As its a New Year I decided to start a new blog ~~ well to start again really!!

My other blog seemed to get locked up  and I couldnt leave comments when I wanted to and so I thought lets give a new one a try!  I have gone back to a basic black background and in the templates I found the flames which I like but I'm not sure if they are a bit too much!!  I'll see how it goes and your welcome to leave any opinions you have too.

Last weekend was my birthday and as its so close to christmas I often join the two together and get a joint present, that way I can sometimes have a larger item or as I've done this year got a new piece of equipment. 

Oh yes siree ....  I have my new barrel tumbler.  Oh joy!!

Good old Ebay!!  No more cleaning, polishing and even it will cut down on some of the work hardening processes needed to strengthen the wire. I say only some because I do love to hit things with hammers on occasion or if necessary!! Ha ha!!  Does get rid of some of your frustrations at times!

I also got some new books ~~  I am working towards some new style jewellery, well for me that is. I'll still be using wire but with some metalwork thrown into the mix too!  It will also incorporate my own beads as well as the odd gemstone.  I need to learn some new techniques for riveting and other assemblage ideas as well.

This one has some great inspirational pieces all based around "Steampunk" and "Hardwear Chic" mainly assemblage

This a fab book with many helpful techniques from etching, patinas and enamels and riveting, soldering and even fold forming too. Fabulous!

These are all from Amazon

This one has some great weaving techniques which I really want to try, especially coiled rings too (as you can see).  I really do need to master ring making as that is one sort of jewellery I very rarely do!

I will show you my endeavours over the coming days and weeks.

Toodleoo for now

E x


  1. I have a list as long as my arm of tools that i want to buy, we have a really good tumbler at my workshop, but i really want to have my own little shed with all my own tools that i can just go to when i want. Look forward to seeing all your new creations in 2012. x

  2. Ah thank you Eve for visiting, yes still got a long list of tools I need as well, but the tumbler was at the very top!! Ha ha! I think the disc cutter is next! Mmmmm!


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