Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chillin' out!

I did sort of end my Blogtoberfest rather abruptly but I was getting ready for my Wirework for Beginners workshop which was on Saturday 2nd November.  It went well and my ladies seemed to enjoy the day!

I took my camera with me but as usual forgot to get it out and take some piccies!  Maybe next time!

I taught them how to use wire and turn loops ~ we made some earwires, hammered them and I showed them how to make spirals and then coiled wire. They went home with their earwires ready to use, we did run out of time to finish them completely but they should be able to finish them at home.

Wrapped Loop

Making Earwires



So last week I had a bit of a chillin' out ~ time off from jewellery making, beadmaking and being online.  Family was top of my list!!  

Right, now I'm back its time to get cracking on my long list of 'THINGS TO DO'!! 

I do make lots of lists otherwise I just cant remember what I need to do, my memory is terrible and this is my only way of getting things done!

1. I intend to blog around 3-4 times a week

2. Make beads lots of new designs as well as revisiting old designs too.

3. Christmas shopping I am determined not to leave it until the last week before Christmas because I usually have so much jewellery making to do, for selling and for presents too.


4. Have fun!!


See you next time!

E x


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