Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Spot the mistake!!

Can you????

Well now the answer is:  there is only markings on one side of each half of the leaf shape.

I didnt use enough pressure so it only shows on one half of each side, I flipped the leaf to do the other side not swung it so I marked it on the same side but the other half of the leaf. 

I hope that makes sense!!!

^^^^^^ ----------- ^^^^^^

I've been making headpins, I love making headpins  ---   so thought I would try some more leaves and just try out some shapes and markings to see how they come out.

Well can you see the mistake I have made on these?

Marbled Leaves Headpins

These are the other side.  Yes, I promise they are!!

So I thought I would have a little game with you, if you can see the mistake write it in the comments below.

Anyone can comment but if you have not got a google account you will need to tell me in your comment who you are and how I can contact you (email preferably).

If there are more than one person with the right answer, I will pop you in the hat and pull out a winner.

What will you win, well how about some headpins (not these - unless you really want them!!)

I will make some new ones for you or you can choose from a few others I have, if you prefer!

You have until Friday 6th March by 5pm GMT to comment.

Happy guessing!


E x


  1. The one on the right is bigger than the two others.

  2. Thank you for your comment Kirsten

  3. Hi Kirsten As you are the only player, but I am afraid you don't have the right answer, I am going to tell you the answer.
    And you may have a little prize too.

  4. Oh - I am sorry noone else 'dared' take a guess.
    I am not a lampwork expert, I just enjoy you creative peoples work :-)
    So - what was wrong?

  5. I see it now - but they are still pretty, imo.
    Can you re-heat them and try again?

  6. Thanks Kirsten, no its easier just to make more that are made properly!! Ha ha!! Still practising with my new techniques. I'm getting there slowly!! I've emailed you xx


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