Monday, 2 March 2015

Week 9 -- 52 things -- Red Flyer Rosebud

Yes more practising and I think I'm improving ---- slowly!!

Wanted to use a nice Red glass because I had a few new ones and hadn't had a play with them yet, mostly CIM glasses, my favourite type of glass, this one is called Radio Flyer its opaque on the rod but when I pulled the petals -- Wow it was gor-ge-ous!!!

It turned transparent and started to 'strike' fairly quickly! Most red transparent glass has to be 'struck' which means you have to cool the glass then reheat it to bring out the true colour!! I've always had trouble with 'striking' reds especially, they never seem to stay a good red, they can go a semi clear which can be quite annoying, just my own inexperience and lack of patience mainly!!

This one was a dream, I LOVE IT!!!

So I will be using it more often, me thinks!!!

I also had a go at a sort of tulip which didn't really work, but the more I practice the more I learn!!

Also made some spiky pod headpins with my 'confritti' decoration on (this is frit - tiny chips of different colours of glass), which I leave slightly raised, basically its not melted all the way into the base. I made these a while ago as a set of three and one cracked so I thought right I'll make more to complete the set ........

Spot the mistake!

Yep!! I used the wrong green for the base colour, so now got to try and find the right green for the darker one and make more of the lighter one too. Ha ha!! Thats the trouble with artificial light, can't always tell!!! Think I need a daylight lamp up in my workshop!

Til next time

E x

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