Tuesday, 30 October 2012

More Tutorials

Well here is the latest issue of Bead Magazine which is the Winter Special Edition which has a theme of 'Through the Decades', issue 42. 

I chose the decade of 1910 which is Art Nouveau style so for my design I came up with a wirework brooch called Nouveau Vines Brooch. 

Wire is copper in 1.25mm with green wrapping wire in between copper leaves with vine type tendrils and a pin with a 3 petal flower at the top. The green wire I chose to emanate the colour of enamels used in the jewellery of this period. I always think copper and green look great together and I am particularly pleased with the final piece.  

This will hold an open/loose weave scarf or shawl maybe you could also use it as a hair barrette, the pin has a slight curve to it to allow for fabric or hair!! I think I need to come up with other designs to add to my wirework collection.

I so love copper and have decided that it will be one of the main metals of wire I will use, along with brass and bronze too. I do use the colour coated wires as well this has a copper base but as for silver, which is expensive now, I won't be using that very often ~ its mainly due to the hallmarking which we have in this country for silver with the weight exceeding 7.78grams. The extra costs this entails is not feasible for me at this current time.

I have now been trying to come up with some future designs for the magazine and bangles were ideas I have come up with.  That one won't be in the magazine until next year now and I also have a linked necklace on the agenda too.

I have a sample bangle I can show you and this was made using a basketweave around the back.

Bit funky but fun!!

Very enjoyable but it took longer than some of the other weaves to do but very effective.

Love the turquoise wire,  weaving is much easier to do in the coloured wires as they are softer to work with, not so demanding on the fingers but they do start to get a little sore about a few hours!!    I love this weave.

No lets see if I can actually publish this post now???  Internet not playing ball, very frustrating taken be ages to get it to work!!

Ta ta for now

E x


  1. These look gorgeous, great work,x

    1. Thank you Eve, trying out different weaves mainly!


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