Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tutorials for Bead Magazine

I have been making tutorials again for Bead Magazine, I enjoy making them especially if they go well. I get a little worried when the deadlines come around but I just about make the deadline in time ~ phew!!

Its a ring called Hugging the Rose made using bronze wire and a lovely pyrite rose bead, I do love bronze wire, mmmm gorgeous colour and a very sophisticated feel to it!! 

This is the article photo ~ so as you can see its a very professional composition unlike my own photos, not my fortee I'm afraid, I would love some photographic instruction, its also the props that make it look so good too.

I have another tutorial coming up in the next issue as well, this is a Special Winter Edition with a Decades theme. My project is a brooch with an Art Nouveau inspired design.  Cant show that just yet as it wont be out in the shops for another couple of weeks. Will post it then!


Life is a little hectic just now as I am doing more hours at work so finding the time to fit beadmaking in seems to be limited to tuesdays and weekends mainly.

I have a new venture too, back in september the family and I went to Brighton for our annual visit (we love Brighton)  I did my usual seafront gallery visiting and got chatting to the gallery owner of the Cactus Gallery and she wants to have some of my beads in the gallery.  So lots of brightly coloured hearts to make and buttons too.

I've started!!!

Many more still to do!!

Show you more next time as torch was lit again yesterday!!

Ta ta for now!!

E x


  1. Yay on the gallery, go you x Fantastic buttons, I haven't tried a double prong mandrel thing yet - made that sound a bit Anne Summers eh? I am going to pick your brains on magazines, that is my next venture I think. Nice to see you back blogging x

  2. Thanks Laney, buttons I am getting the hang of them now, Hee hee maybe a little Anne Summers(y). Pick my brains ~ will it hurt!!! Ha ha!!


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