Saturday, 28 January 2017

Bells, Bells lots of lovely Bells!

I love making bell caps (or Bells) and they seem to be quite popular as I have been very busy with orders, I haven't had much chance to do anything else.

I thought I would show you some styles and the many colours I've used:

Scruffy - Deep Purple

Fairy Skirts - Oz green

Frilly - Pink Lady

Plain - Amber Gold

Silver Edged - Neon Blue

Frosted Ice

Confusion silver 

Two tone - Azure/Lime

Ridged Clear Gold

Frosty Edge - Raindrop

Silver Splash - Rudolph Red

Multimix Cones

Snowberries -Black

I can't believe the different sorts so far but I'm going to work on some new ones very soon. Getting a few ideas popping up and the odd happy accidents!!

Will show you my ideas as they develop.

I will be working on some of my petal headpins next.

Come back soon

E x

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