Saturday, 14 January 2017

Time has flown by ...

Yes it has!! It has been some considerable time since I've been blogging and I am going to try my utmost to start again.

I found that the blogger app just never worked very well for me but now I have a better phone I may be able to do a better job of it!

So here goes ....

What have I been doing in the last year or so...... mmmmm mainly concentrating on my beadmaking. I have had many online shows in facebook groups, as well as my Facebook page (ChatElaine Jewellery).

I have now also created my own group called ChatElaine Glass Creations on facebook. This is a closed group with only a request to join facility so I can decide who to allow into the group to stop spamming and just have friends and customers that can view my work under no pressure or obligation to buy!!

I will have my own Auction events from time to time, but purchasing or ordering can be done if you would like to as and when new items become available.

So here are a few of the new things I've been doing

               Bell caps -- scruffy design

Pendant Leaves

Petals Bells

My bell caps have proved quite popular and I'm trying to finish off orders right now. It's been a bit of a long haul as I was ill before Christmas (as usual when I was really busy of course), the backlog was getting to me a bit but I've ploughed through them this last week or so and I'm nearly there!! Sigh of relief!! 

Different designs are:

                                 Frosted Ice

Frilly Pink Lady

Fairy Skirts

Amber Gold Clear 

I am coming up with new designs, as often as possible, as I go along and I will get things moving along quicker now I'm back to blogging once again.


See you all again soon

E x

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