Monday, 30 January 2017

Jewellery time!

I haven't made jewellery for some time but last year I did a show so I made some new pieces and had a few older pieces up for auction on the group Handmade Jewellery Showcase.

Here are a few new ones to show you:

Scarlet Diva Necklace 
My favourite necklace 
(Oh I kept it for me)

One of my Tulip beads
Polmer clay Birdie by Christine Walker  

Tangerine Shell Earrings
Lovely shells by Dawn Williams
With some Trails Beads by me
These are long and dangly and the crystals are part of the handmade earwires

Denim Shell Spears Earrings all made by me
Lampwork spears with shell impression and all wirework by me

Gorgeous Ammonite shell Earrings
Shells by Bhakti Mahbubani made from Polymer clay with pebble beads

Dragonfly Daisy Earrings
Polyclay Dragonfly charms be Helena Benkoczka 
My trails beads with Czech glass flower beads

Well there are quite a few earrings in this little lot. I enjoyed using different compoments from various favourite sellers.

I can't believe how many new beads and components I have been buying,  I really need to get some new items made me thinks!!! I have a vast number of metal components of various sorts which I love... just need to make my beads to go with them.... 😊

A couple of older pieces too:

Steampunk Fashionista Charm Necklace

Nouveau Brooch
All wirework by me 
I so love this one ... I originally made it for one of the magazines as a tutorial

I think thats it for this time.

Back soon with some new current things for you.

I have a Challenge reveal to show you very soon after the reveal tomorrow.

Ta ta for now

E x

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