Tuesday, 1 October 2013

BlogtoberFest 2013

Well this is my first time of joining in with BlogtoberFest it will be a challenge but I have wanted to get better at blogging again and this ~ I HOPE ~ will motivate me to get the job done, so to speak!!

I have to write a post everyday for the whole of October and that will be a definite challenge in itself but also what to write, so I will be off now to draw up a list of activities I will be covering over the coming month.  The host of the BlogtoberFest ~ Shells in the Bush Blog by Michelle Reynolds who says:

 Blogtoberfest is an annual blogging festival and a wonderful opportunity to:

* challenge yourself to blog every day for 31 days in October 2013
* discover kindred blogging spirits
* carve out a tiny slice of time each day to write and to read
* share any creative projects you have on the go
* host a giveaway, if you feel inclined to spread the love

There is a link for you over in my side bar to take you to the blog list on her site, 

so will be back later to set out a list for you for the month ahead!

See you all soon

E x


As this is in theory DAY 1, I thought I would add my proposed schedule onto the end of this posting!

With a little help from my daughter Billie here is what I have decided for each day:

Monday ~~       Movie Madness   (Anything movie related with some fun thrown in!)

Tuesday ~~      Top Tips   (Could be jewellery or beadmaking related or anything that takes
                                           my fancy)

Wednesday ~~ Wordless  (just pictures here)

Thursday ~~     Thriller  (Anything spooky, scary or freaky, well Halloween is on its way)

Friday ~~          Forum Talk  (from the Craft Pimp forum, treasuries, artists work, maybe 
                                              even an interview, etc.)

Saturday ~~      Snippets    (this will be from my workbench, bead table or maybe some 
                                            family stuff too)       

Sunday ~~        The Gathering   (no not Highlander, it will be what's been happening during
                                                    that week)

Right now need to get started, see you again tomorrow!  80))

E x

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