Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday Forum News ~~ Day 4

I am a member of the Craft Pimp Forum we are a mixture of crafty folk making different kinds of handmade craft items.  A number of us have Etsy stores and other handmade stores selling our wares on-line. On Fridays I will have a meander around the forum to find out what they are up too and then bring some of the news to you!

I haven't been able to work out how to take a screen print of treasuries on Etsy, so I can only give you a link to the treasury Russet & Brown from the Craft Pimp Forum members.

A little selection of the treasury items.

Electric Banana is another fab treasury ~~ yellow is often an undervalued colour but it always reminds me of summer, bright sunny weather and the seaside!

Now that's a thought  ~~ I will tell you what, next time!!

I love Pinterest and for last couple of months since I have set up my boards I have been pinning like mad!!!  It is completely addictive and time consuming but mainly it is a great resource for storing so many found treasures!

I had worked out how to set up my photos on my blog to be pin-able but I removed the sidebar link by mistake so now I have to work it out all over again. One of those things on my very long list of things to do!  That's all I seem to have done this week is write lists of


Blimey will I ever be rid of them!!!! 

No I think NOT!!

Till tomorrow! 

E x

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