Monday, 14 October 2013

The Gathering -- DAY 13

This title is appropriate for the contents this week, I don't have any new items to show you as I have been busy like I said in my last posting and have not been to my torch for this week.  I am determined to change that for the coming week as there are lots of things I want to make.

What I have been doing, however, is visiting my OH family 'up north' as we say done south!  It was his Uncles 70 Birthday and his Aunt also celebrated her 65 back in August so they had a joint party held in Nuneaton about 1 and half hours away from us.

Terrible weather on the way up the M1 but well worth the trip, it was lovely to see them again and even meet some of the other family members, I in particular, have never met!  After losing both my in-laws this is the last remaining family on my husbands, fathers' side.

Mick with Margaret & George
Terrible photos still trying to work out how the camera works on my phone, I usually use my proper camera much better really but I forgot it, so best I could do!!!
The Cake
Best photo of the evening, the cake was really good, George's on the left which is his garden and Margaret's on the right she loves her holidays!!

And this is Billie with her boyfriend Aaron, aaaaawwwww!


Silly Children!!  STOP IT!

These ones I had the flash on and got glare from it very bad!!

Must get the better of it!

E x

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