Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Gathering ~ DAY 6

The Sunday Gathering is basically a Weekly Round-up of what's happened during the last week.

I just want to tell you about the last 2 Saturdays as Billie my daughter has been having Archery lessons. We gave her a Beginners course for her 16th Birthday which was back in June but has only just been able to take the lessons in September.
Now she has finished the course she can go and shoot anytime she wants to but I still have to be with her as she is under 18.  I don't mind too much I have quite enjoyed watching her and am now considering a Taster session myself.

So my Wordless Wednesday post was a shot of her outside shooting arrows ~ here are a few more ~ one with her target and score

Setting up the bow

Ready to fire!

Taking Aim ~ Outside


Bullseye ~
well not all of them are Billie's just the purple ones! 

I have been at my torch this week and I made some chunky big hole beads which I call Chatelle's.  Here they are now ~

Wrapped in Ruby

Wrapped Triton

Flying Trails

And today I visited a Bead Fair in Uxbridge, its the Bead Society annual fair and I popped along to mainly visit my glass supplier Tuffnell Glass.  I needed a few things but of course came out with a big bundle of - Yes ..... you guessed it ~~ GLASS! 

My favourite glass is CIM (Creation is Messy) and I had a lovely time picking out some of the new glasses just arrived in the Tuffnell warehouse, as you can see!

Sssshhhh ~ don't tell the 'old bloke' indoors!! 

I also bought a rack for my kiln coz I am so fed up with my fire blanket getting stuck in my beads and ruining them!  Oh and some new bead release that comes in powder form and you just mix it with water which Martin (Tuffnell) reliably informs me is very easy to use and the beads come right off the mandrel with no effort at all!!  I will let you know how I get on once I use it! 80)) Plus it doesn't have any silica in it so this makes it non toxic as well!!  Excellent!

Until tomorrow!

E x

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