Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 28 Blogtoberfest

I haven't been quite as good in the latter stages of Blogtoberfest 2013 but I have been all over the place, doing many things at once and as usually not getting......... anywhere FAST!!!

So I am just going to put together what I can, which isn't much as I haven't taken many photos to show of my work!

Well as I said in my last post, Billie (DD) went off to Comic Con on Saturday with hubbie and friends and had a great time. Got the tickets beforehand and went up to London earlier this time which made things so much easier and quicker to get in.  She went dressed as Grell again (he is a Manga character from the Black Butler Japanese comic books)

This is from our trip in May but this time with flatter boots on, as last time she spent most of the time walking around in her socks as these killed her feet!!  Matt did not go dressed up this time nor did her boyfriend Aaron.  But Aaron had a great time as he had a shopping list from his brother and his own list of manga books to buy as well.

Good day was had by all!


I. on the other hand, went off to my Bead Group over in Leighton Buzzard which is one of the next towns near me!  I hadn't been for months and really enjoyed seeing my Bead Buddies again!

Got some wire weaving going as I really want a copper bangle to wear as it really seems to help my wrist.  I broke my wrist when I was really little about 14 months old, I even learnt to walk with my plaster cast on, never had any troubles with it all my life up until NOW!!  When I wear something with copper in it, it just seems to help take out the ache I get in it! I haven't taken any photos yet, will do when it is done!  80))

I am also getting prepped for my 'Wirework for Beginners' workshop which is coming up fast on this Saturday 2nd November.  I am having to re-write some of the things I need, with a corrupted disc I have lost a lot of valuable documents and photos stored on it!  Very time consuming but I am only doing re-writes as I need them, plus I have now changed my logos as I have altered my business name for my jewellery/tutoring to ChatElaine Creations like my Etsy store for my Jewellery now.  

I am still ChatElaine Glass Art for my beads, so this means new stationery for everything.  I still need to do new business cards yet but that's a bit annoying too as I had 500 made from Vistaprint with my old website address on, which I closed down at the end of last year, so they are now defuncted too!!! 

Oh What JOY!!

So must get cracking on my long list of paperwork to do!!!!!

I have been thinking of getting a new Wirework series going so hopefully will have something for you soon!

Toodleoo for now

E x

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