Saturday, 12 October 2013

Running behind! DAY 12 ~~ Fire Walk of Courage Challenge (Craft Pimp Forum News)

I confess I am running behind with my Blogtoberfest blogging everyday challenge!! 

I have had a week of running around here, there and everywhere and so just wasn't able to fit blogging in so I am now playing catch up!

So to today from the Craft Pimp forum ~~

The Beads of Courage  ~ Fire Walk of Courage Challenge

At 7pm some brave people will be taking the fire walk challenge for the Beads of courage programme.  Some lovely lampworkers from the UK and Europe have been making pairs (or twins) of glass beads made from the colours that fire goes through
~  Black, Red, Orange and Yellow.

Each intrepid fire walker will carry a pair of these unique beads as they bravely walk the hot coals at the Selex Sports & Leisure Club, Gardiners Way Gardiners Lane, South Basildon.  One of the beads they will keep as a memento of the day and its twin will be given as a booster bead, along with a special message, to these very special children on the Beads of Courage program.

Some of the many beads that come from the lampworkers

By Stephanie Gough

By Carole Hughes

By Vic Tierney
By Laney Mead

By Jo Walker

And of course these were made by the lovely Jolene Woolfe of Kitzbitz Art Glass Blog who organises all these fabulous events for the programme. I have to confess to nicking these pics from her own blog post, I hope she won't mind!! 

Thank you Jo for all your great work

I am only sorry I couldn't get involved as I found out too late but I am sure I will get involved next year!!

See you again soon!  Promise!!!

E x


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