Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday Thriller DAY 24 ~~ Scary Make-up

I just love finding some of the fab make-up effects on Pinterest for Halloween.  Here are some of the scariest I could muster but they are excellent work though!!


Wicked effects!  I just love Halloween and so does my daughter who just needs to dress up in any costume she possibly can.

Talking about costumes and dressing up ~~~  well Comic Con is upon us once again!!

I have decided not to go this year but my hubbie is going this time so he has to be responsible for them all getting there, as she is taking her friends too including her boyfriend.  It is held twice a year and she went back in May and wore her Grell costume and so decided not to make a new one and is wearing it again this time.  So Saturday they're off to London to the Excel

So hope you will SLEEP WELL!!

E x

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